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1 Mats Sundin QUE C
2 David Chyzowski NYI L
3 Scott Thornton TOR L
4 Stu Barnes WIN C
5 Bill Guerin NJD R
6 Adam Bennett CHI D
7 Doug Zmolek MNS D
8 Jason Herter VAN D
9 Jason Marshall STL D
10 Bobby Holik HFD C
11 Mike Sillinger DET C
12 Robert Pearson TOR R
13 Lindsay Vallis MTL R
14 Kevin Haller BUF D
15 Jason Soules EDM D
16 Jamie Heward PIT D
17 Shayne Stevenson BOS R
18 Jason Miller NJD C
19 Olie Kolzig WSH G
20 Steven Rice NYR R
21 Steve Bancroft TOR D