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216 Ivan Ciernik OTT L
217 David Thibeault SJS L
218 Mike Muzechka NYI D
219 Sebastien Simard LAK L
220 Nick Bootland DAL L
221 John Hultberg EDM G
222 Scott Buhler BUF G
223 Craig Adams HFD R
224 Tobias Johansson ANA L
225 Pasi Petrilainen NJD D
226 Marc-Etienne Hubert PHX C
227 Lubomir Vaic VAN C
228 Ronald Petrovicky CGY R
229 Konstantin Shafranov STL R
230 Jared Hope TOR C
231 Askhat Rakhmatullin HFD L
232 Chad Cavanagh WSH L
233 Michel Tremblay MTL L
234 Anders Soderberg BOS L
235 Russell Smith FLA D
236 Andrei Kozyrev CHI D
237 Ronnie Sundin NYR D
238 Timo Seikkula PIT C
239 Sami Salo OTT D
240 Justin Clark COL R
241 Evgeniy Afanasiev DET L