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148 Andy Donahue TOR C
149 Paul Stanton PIT D
150 Ed Krayer NJD C
151 Hakan Ahlund VAN R
152 Brian Puhalski HFD L
153 Ross Johnson MNS C
154 Larry Bernard NYR L
155 Mike Luckraft DET D
156 John Hyduke LAK G
157 Randy Burridge BOS L
158 John Reid CHI G
159 Scott Brickey STL R
160 Hank Lammens NYI D
161 Trent Kaese BUF R
162 Mario Brunetta QUE G
163 Mike Claringbull MTL D
164 Nate Smith CGY D
165 Thomas Draper WIN G
166 Mark Haarmann WSH D
167 Tony Fairfield EDM R
168 Mike Cusack PHI R