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143 Chris Duperron HFD D
144 James Falle HFD G
145 Viacheslav Fetisov NJD D
146 Craig Butz DET D
147 Ken Hammond LAK D
148 Paul Bifano TOR L
149 Ron Pesetti WIN D
150 John Labatt VAN C
151 Chris MacDonald CGY D
152 Tommy Albelin QUE D
153 Peter Marcov NYR L
154 Donald McSween BUF D
155 Marty Abrams WSH G
156 Donald Biggs MNS C
157 Dale Henry NYI L
158 Rob Bryden MTL L
159 Kent Paynter CHI D
160 Ralph Vos EDM L
161 Per-Erik Eklund PHI C
162 Francois Olivier BOS L