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148 John Hutchings NJD D
149 Patrick Lahey DET C
150 Steven Smith MTL D
151 Mickey Krampotich HFD L
152 Wally Schreiber WSH R
153 Hans Helander LAK D
154 Jeff Smith CHI L
155 Chris Delaney STL L
156 Roy Myllari CGY D
157 Peter Derksen PIT L
158 Newell Brown VAN C
159 Guy Gosselin WIN D
160 Brian Glynn NYR D
161 Alain Lavigne PHI R
162 Jan Karlsson NYR D
163 Claude Verret BUF C
164 Paul Miller MNS D
165 Tony Fiore BOS C
166 Thomas Kolioupoulos MTL R
167 Dean Clark EDM L
168 Todd Okerlund NYI D