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127 Dwayne Norris QUE R
128 Daryl Filipek VAN D
129 Jason York DET D
130 Mika Valila PIT C
131 Ken Plaquin PIT D
132 Michael Guilbert NYI D
133 Robert Lang LAK C
134 Jeff Levy MNS G
135 Roman Kontsek WSH R
136 Eric Lacroix TOR L
137 Chris McAlpine NJD D
138 Wayne Conlan STL C
139 Bryan Lonsinger NYR D
140 John Lilley WIN C
141 Jergus Baca HFD D
142 Viktor Gordiouk BUF R
143 Michael Power EDM G
144 Stephen Rohr MTL C
145 Pat Neaton PIT D
146 Dimitri Frolov CGY D
147 James Mackey BOS D