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135 Denis Timofeev BOS D
136 Mike York NYR L
137 Richard Seeley LAK D
138 Eric Gooldy TOR L
139 Bobby Leavins NYI L
140 Ilja Demidov CGY D
141 Peter Sarno EDM C
142 Kyle Dafoe CAR D
143 Henrik Petre WSH D
144 Matt Cooke VAN L
145 Jonathan Desroches MTL D
146 Jeff Sullivan OTT D
147 Heath Gordon CHI L
148 Larry Shapley VAN D
149 Nicholas Bilotto STL D
150 Jeff Katcher LAK D
151 Robert Francz PHX L
152 Petr Havelka PIT L
153 Andrei Skopintsev TBL D
154 Shawn Degagne NYR G
155 Keith Delaney FLA C
156 Brian Campbell BUF D
157 B.J. Young DET R
158 Jordon Flodell PHI D
159 Sascha Goc NJD D
160 Alexei Timkin DAL L
161 David Aebischer COL G