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131 Mike Gaffney OTT D
132 Bates Battaglia ANA L
133 Daniel Alfredsson OTT R
134 Ryan Smart NJD C
135 Yuri Litvinov NYR C
136 Terry Marchant EDM L
137 Daniel Juden TBL C
138 Bryce Salvador TBL D
139 Nicholas Windsor QUE D
140 Alexander Selivanov PHI R
141 Alexander Korolyuk SJS L
142 Jason Stewart NYI C
143 Steve Vezina WIN G
144 Jim Ensom CHI C
145 Dimitri Mekeshkin WSH D
146 Chris Kibermanis WIN D
147 Cal Benazic BUF D
148 Joel Irving MTL C
149 Patrik Haltia CGY G
150 Evgeny Petrochinin DAL D
151 Andre Roy BOS R
152 Kam White TOR D
153 Pavel Agarkov DET R
154 Valentin Morozov PIT C
155 Luciano Caravaggio NJD G
156 David Brosseau NYR C