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111 Fredrik Nilsson SJS C
112 Kevin St. Jacques CHI L
113 Jeff Perry TOR L
114 Robert Valicevic NYI R
115 Jeff Sebastian WIN D
116 Clayton Norris PHI R
117 Jevgeni Namestnikov VAN D
118 Mark Lawrence MNS R
119 Mike Harding HFD R
120 Alexander Kuzminsky TOR C
121 Curt Regnier NJD D
122 Dmitry Yushkevich PHI D
123 Sean O'Donnell BUF D
124 Brian Holzinger BUF C
125 Fredrik Jax NYR R
126 Brian Clifford PIT C
127 Oleg Petrov MTL R
128 Barry Young NYR D
129 Bobby Marshall CGY D
130 Brett Seguin LAK C
131 Bruce Gardiner STL R
132 Jacques Auger CHI D