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103 Patrick Emond PIT C
104 Brian Johnson HFD C
105 Gordon Mark NJD D
106 Chris Pusey DET G
107 Dave Lundmark LAK D
108 Kevin Stevens LAK L
109 Joel Baillargeon WIN L
110 Dave Lowry VAN L
111 Grant Blair CGY G
112 Brad Walcott QUE D
113 Bob Alexander NYR D
114 James Hofford BUF D
115 Jari Torkki CHI R
116 Tom McComb MNS D
117 Darin Illikainen NYI L
118 Arto Javanainen MTL R
119 Mark Lavarre CHI R
120 Don Barber EDM L
121 Rick Tocchet PHI R
122 Terry Taillefer BOS G