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106 Aaron Broten CLR C
107 Ronald Loustel WIN G
108 Mark Kumpel QUE R
109 Wayne Crawford DET C
110 Richard Bidner WSH L
111 Mike Winther EDM C
112 Ken Berry VAN L
113 Mario Cerri HFD C
114 Pat Graham PIT L
115 Darren Eliot LAK G
116 Ron Dennis TOR G
117 Perry Anderson STL L
118 John Multan CGY R
119 Reijo Ruotsalainen NYR D
120 Steve Larmer CHI R
121 Dan Zavarise MNS D
122 Dan Revell NYI R
123 Steve Lyons BOS L
124 Michael McPhee MTL L
125 Daniel Naud BUF D
126 Brian Tutt PHI D
127 Dan Fascinato CLR D