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85 Sergei Zubov NYR D
86 Gino Odjick VAN L
87 Tony Burns DET D
88 Dan Kordic PHI L
89 Brian Farrell PIT C
90 Chris Marinucci NYI C
91 David Goverde LAK G
92 Enrico Ciccone MNS D
93 Brian Sakic WSH L
94 Mark Ouimet WSH C
95 Dean Malkoc NJD D
96 Jason Ruff STL L
97 Richard Smehlik BUF D
98 Craig Martin WIN R
99 Lubos Rob NYR C
100 Todd Bojcun BUF G
101 Greg Louder EDM G
102 Paul Di Pietro MTL C
103 Brad Pascall BUF D
104 Peter Kuchyna NJD D
105 Michael Bales BOS G