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85 David Pergola BUF R
86 Kevin Dean NJD D
87 Sean Fabian VAN D
88 Teppo Kivela MNS C
89 Jeff Waver PIT D
90 Michael Vukonich LAK C
91 Mike Eastwood TOR C
92 Ulf Sandstrom CHI R
93 Robert Mendel QUE D
94 Eric O'Borsky NYR C
95 Radomir Brazda DET D
96 Ken Gernander WIN R
97 Petr Vlk NYI L
98 Ted Donato BOS L
99 Pat Beauchesne WSH D
100 Darrin Amundson WIN C
101 Steve McCool MTL D
102 Marc Rousseau HFD D
103 Tim Corkery CGY D
104 William Gall PHI R
105 Shaun Van Allen EDM C