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85 Ed Cooper CLR L
86 Glen Ostir WIN D
87 Basil McRae QUE L
88 Mike Corrigan DET R
89 Timo Blomqvist WSH D
90 Walt Poddubny EDM L
91 Darrell May VAN G
92 Darren Jensen HFD G
93 Douglas Shedden PIT C
94 Alan Graves LAK L
95 Hugh Larkin TOR R
96 Alain Lemieux STL C
97 Randy Turnbull CGY D
98 Scot Kleinendorst NYR C
99 Kevin Ginnell CHI C
100 David Jensen MNS D
101 Ken Leiter NYI D
102 Randy Hillier BOS D
103 Remi Gagne MTL R
104 Dirk Rueter BUF D
105 Daniel Held PHI C