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85 Gary Dillon CLR C
86 Mark Reeds STL R
87 Joe Paterson DET L
88 Timothy Tookey WSH C
89 Dirk Graham VAN R
90 James Dobson MNS R
91 Gordon Loveday CHI D
92 Jim Brown LAK D
93 Frank Nigro TOR C
94 Nick Ricci PIT G
95 Alan Haworth BUF C
96 Brad Kempthorne AFM R
97 Daniel Makuch NYR R
98 Thomas Eriksson PHI D
99 Marco Baron BOS G
100 Yvan Joly MTL R
101 Glen Duncan NYI R
102 Mark Renaud HFD D
103 Thomas Steen WIN C
104 Pierre Lacroix QUE D
105 Michael Toal EDM C