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99 Tyler Kennedy PIT C
100 JT Wyman MTL R
101 R.J. Anderson PHI D
102 Mike Lundin TBL D
103 Roman Tomanek PHX R
104 Fredrik Naslund DAL R
105 Evan Schafer FLA D
106 Chad Painchaud ATL L
107 Nick Fugere NSH L
108 Ashton Rome BOS R
109 Brett Carson CAR D
110 Ned Lukacevic LAK L
111 Ryan Jones MIN F
112 Liam Reddox EDM L
113 Roman Kukumberg TOR F
114 Patrick Bordeleau MIN L
115 Wes O'Neill NYI D
116 Michal Birner STL L
117 Julien Sprunger MIN R
118 Aki Seitsonen CGY C
119 Kevin Porter PHX F
120 Mitch Maunu CHI D
121 Kristopher Hogg CGY L
122 Alexander Nikulin OTT C
123 Karel Hromas CHI L
124 David Laliberte PHI R
125 Andrew Sarauer VAN L
126 Torrey Mitchell SJS C
127 Ryan Callahan NYR R
128 Evan McGrath DET C
129 Jason Churchill SJS G