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97 Danny Bois COL R
98 Jordin Tootoo NSH R
99 Ray Emery OTT G
100 Brian Sipotz ATL D
101 Cory Stillman NYI C
102 Timo Parssinen ANA F
103 Tony Virta MIN R
104 Brent MacLellan CHI D
105 Vladimir Korsunov ANA D
106 Christian Ehrhoff SJS D
107 Dimitri Patzold SJS G
108 Tomi Maki CGY R
109 Martti Jarventie MTL D
110 Rob Zepp CAR G
111 Matti Kaltiainen BOS G
112 Milan Gajic ATL C
113 Bryce Lampman NYR D
114 Evgeny Gladskikh VAN L
115 Vladimir Gusev CHI D
116 Richard Petiot LAK D
117 Michael Woodford FLA R
118 Brandon Rogers ANA D
119 Aleksey Zotkin CHI L
120 Tomas Surovy PIT F
121 Drew MacIntyre DET G
122 Igor Valeev STL R
123 Aaron Lobb TBL R
124 Egor Shastin CGY F
125 Jeff Lucky WSH R
126 Daniel Volrab DAL C
127 Christoph Schubert OTT D
128 Andrei Posnov NJD R
129 Miroslav Blatak DET D
130 Colt King COL L
131 Ben Eaves PIT C