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81 Antti Jussi Niemi OTT D
82 Joey Tetarenko FLA R
83 Tyrone Garner NYI G
84 Mikael Simons LAK C
85 Justin Davis WSH R
86 Jason Sessa TOR R
87 Kurt Walsh BUF R
88 Craig MacDonald HFD C
89 Toni Lydman CGY D
90 Mike Hurley DAL R
91 Josef Boumedienne NJD D
92 Kim Staal MTL L
93 Jonas Soling VAN L
94 Christian Lefebvre CGY D
95 Jonathan Zukiwsky STL C
96 Eric Belanger LAK C
97 Andrei Petrakov STL L
98 Ben Storey COL D
99 Etienne Drapeau MTL C
100 Trent Whitfield BOS C
101 Josh MacNevin NJD D
102 Matt Bradley SJS R
103 Vladimir Antipov TOR L
104 Steve Wasylko HFD C
105 Michal Rozsival PIT D
106 Mike Martone BUF D
107 Randy Petruk COL G
108 Johan Forsander DET L