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64 Jeffrey Stolp MNS G
65 Matthew Ruchty NJD L
66 Darin Kimble QUE R
67 Mark Recchi PIT R
68 Tony Amonte NYR R
69 Edward Crowley TOR D
70 Rob Blake LAK D
71 Stefan Elvenas CHI R
72 Jaan Luik STL D
73 Brian Hunt WIN C
74 Dean Dyer HFD C
75 Scott Luik NJD R
76 Keith Carney BUF D
77 Scott Lagrand PHI G
78 Robert Krauss WSH D
79 Andre Brassard NYI D
80 Sheldon Kennedy DET R
81 Joseph Juneau BOS C
82 Cam Brauer EDM D
83 Patric Kjellberg MTL L
84 Gary Socha CGY L