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64 Tim Cheveldae DET G
65 Sylvain Couturier LAK C
66 Anders Carlsson NJD C
67 Robert Brown PIT R
68 David Baseggio BUF D
69 Kent Hulst TOR C
70 Ronald Stern VAN R
71 Hannu Jarvenpaa WIN R
72 Mark Janssens NYR C
73 Glen Featherstone STL D
74 Brian Chapman HFD D
75 Kirk Tomlinson MNS C
76 Dean Hall BOS C
77 Frantisek Kucera CHI D
78 Brent Bobyck MTL L
79 Tom Quinlan CGY R
80 Shawn Byram NYI L
81 Ron Tugnutt QUE G
82 Erin Ginnell WSH C
83 Mark Bar PHI D
84 Dan Currie EDM L