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64 Steve Peters CLR C
65 Bob Crawford STL R
66 John Ogrodnick DET L
67 Harvie Pocza WSH L
68 Arthur Rutland VAN C
69 Glenn Anderson EDM R
70 Louis Begin CHI L
71 John Gibson LAK C
72 Vincent Tremblay TOR G
73 Brian Cross PIT D
74 Gilles Hamel BUF L
75 James Peplinski AFM L
76 Pat Conacher NYR L
77 Donald Gillen PHI R
78 Larry Melnyk BOS D
79 David Orleski MTL D
80 Tim Lockridge NYI D
81 Raymond Neufeld HFD R
82 Patrick Daley WIN L
83 Anton Stastny QUE L
84 Maxwell Kostovich EDM R