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64 Mark Teevens PIT R
65 Lee Brodeur MTL R
66 Tommy Eriksson CHI L
67 Jeff Reese TOR G
68 Chris Mills WIN D
69 Thomas Glavine LAK C
70 Doug Wieck NYI L
71 Graham Herring STL D
72 Sean Clement WIN D
73 Brian Bertuzzi VAN D
74 Paul Ysebaert NJD L
75 Peter Rosol CGY R
76 Miroslav Maly MNS D
77 Paul Broten NYR R
78 Terry Perkins QUE R
79 Dave Hanson PHI C
80 Kris King WSH L
81 Bob Halkidis BUF D
82 Robert Joyce BOS L
83 Ari Haanpaa NYI R
84 Richard Novak EDM R