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54 Mattias Karlin BOS C
55 Rick Berry COL D
56 Vratislav Cech FLA D
57 Jeff Farkas TOR C
58 Jani Hurme OTT G
59 Jarrett Smith NYI C
60 Derek Schutz CGY C
61 Matt Elich TBL R
62 Kris Mallette PHI D
63 Lee Goren BOS R
64 Kyle Freadrich VAN L
65 Ilkka Mikkola MTL D
66 Josh Langfeld OTT R
67 Mike Souza CHI L
68 Sergei Yerkovich EDM D
69 Maxim Afinogenov BUF R
70 Erik Andersson CGY R
71 Josef Melichar PIT D
72 Jay Legault ANA L
73 Burke Henry NYR D
74 Nick Smith FLA C
75 Jeff Martin BUF C
76 Petr Sykora DET C
77 Steve Gainey DAL L
78 Ville Nieminen COL L
79 Robert Schnabel NYI D
80 Francis Lessard CAR R