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43 Jyrki Seppa WIN D
44 Corrado Micalef DET G
45 Eric Calder WSH D
46 Dieter Hegen MTL C
47 Barry Tabobondung PHI L
48 Ulrich Hiemer CLR D
49 Thomas Thornbury PIT R
50 Peter Sundstrom NYR L
51 Mark Morrison NYR C
52 Jean-Marc Lanthier VAN R
53 Jean Gaulin QUE R
54 Darrel Anholt CHI D
55 Ernie Godden TOR C
56 Michael Vernon CGY G
57 Ronald Handy NYI L
58 Ken Strong PHI L
59 James Aldred BUF L
60 Colin Chisholm BUF D
61 Paul MacDermid HFD R
62 Gordon Donnelly STL D
63 Neal Coulter NYI R