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43 Fred Boimistruck TOR D
44 Murray Eaves WIN C
45 John Newberry MTL C
46 Mark Osborne DET L
47 Dan Miele WSH R
48 Shawn Babcock EDM R
49 Andreas Schliebener VAN D
50 Michael Volcan HFD D
51 Randy Boyd PIT D
52 Steven Bozek LAK L
53 Randy Velischek MNS D
54 Jim Pavese STL D
55 Torrie Robertson WSH L
56 Sean McKenna BUF R
57 Troy Murray CHI C
58 Marcel Frere CHI L
59 David Simpson NYI C
60 Tom Fergus BOS C
61 Craig Ludwig MTL D
62 Jay North BUF C
63 Paul Mercier PHI D