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42 Neal Broten MNS C
43 Craig Levie MTL D
44 Guy Carbonneau MTL C
45 Joseph Gage DET R
46 Boris Fistric DET D
47 Ken Ellacott VAN G
48 Mark Messier EDM C
49 William Gardner CHI C
50 John Kelly LAK L
51 Normand Aubin TOR C
52 Bennett Wolf PIT D
53 Mark Robinson BUF D
54 Tim Hunter AFM R
55 Jacques Cloutier BUF G
56 Lindsay Carson PHI C
57 Keith Crowder BOS R
58 Richard Wamsley MTL G
59 Roland Melanson NYI G
60 Donald Nachbaur HFD C
61 William Whelton WIN D
62 Lee Norwood QUE D
63 Kevin Maxwell MNS C