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49 Brent Gretzky TBL C
50 Patrick Traverse OTT D
51 Alexander Cherbayev SJS R
52 Manny Fernandez QUE G
53 Stefan Ustorf WSH L
54 Mathias Johansson CGY C
55 Sergei Zholtok BOS C
56 Jarrett Deuling NYI L
57 Jan Vopat HFD D
58 Jeff Bes MNS C
59 Ondrej Steiner BUF C
60 Jeremy Stevenson WIN L
61 Simon Roy EDM D
62 Vitali Karamnov STL L
63 Sandy Allan LAK G
64 Vitali Prokhorov STL L
65 Kirk Maltby EDM L
66 Cale Hulse NJD D
67 Travis Thiessen PIT D
68 Craig Rivet MTL D
69 Jeff Connolly VAN C
70 Sylvain Cloutier DET C
71 Martin Gendron WSH R
72 Eric Cairns NYR D