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43 David McLay PHI L
44 Neil Davey NJD D
45 Trent Yawney CHI D
46 Kenneth Jr Hodge MNS C
47 John Stevens PHI D
48 John English LAK D
49 Milan Chalupa DET D
50 Toby Ducolon STL R
51 Patrick Roy MTL G
52 David Saunders VAN L
53 Robert Dirk STL D
54 Graeme Bonar MTL R
55 Landis Chaulk VAN L
56 Alan Perry STL G
57 Steven Finn QUE D
58 Mike Stevens VAN R
59 Michal Pivonka WSH C
60 Ray Sheppard BUF R
61 Jeff Cornelius BOS D
62 Jeffrey Norton NYI D
63 Todd Norman EDM C