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27 Cory Sarich BUF D
28 Pavel Skrbek PIT D
29 Dan Lacouture NYI L
30 Josh Green LAK C
31 Remi Royer CHI D
32 Chris Hajt EDM D
33 Darren Van Oene BUF L
34 Trevor Wasyluk HFD L
35 Matt Cullen ANA C
36 Marek Posmyk TOR D
37 Marian Cisar LAK L
38 Wesley Mason NJD L
39 Travis Brigley CGY L
40 Steve Begin CGY L
41 Joshua Dewolf NJD D
42 Jeff Paul CHI D
43 Jan Bulis WSH C
44 Mathieu Garon MTL G
45 Henry Kuster BOS R
46 Geoff Peters CHI C
47 Pierre Dagenais NJD R
48 Daniel Goneau NYR L
49 Colin White NJD D
50 Francis Larivee TOR G
51 Yuri Babenko COL C
52 Aren Miller DET G