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22 Ken Spangler TOR D
23 Lee Giffin PIT R
24 Sean Burke NJD G
25 Troy Gamble VAN G
26 Kay Whitmore HFD G
27 Joe Nieuwendyk CGY C
28 Mike Richter NYR G
29 Jeff Sharples DET D
30 Par Edlund LAK L
31 Alain Cote BOS D
32 Eric Weinrich NJD D
33 Todd Richards MTL D
34 Brad Lauer NYI R
35 Benoit Hogue BUF L
36 Jason Lafreniere QUE C
37 Herb Raglan STL R
38 Jeff Wenaas CGY C
39 Roger Ohman WIN D
40 John Druce WSH R
41 Todd Carnelley EDM D
42 Bruce Rendall PHI L