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243 Mikhail Kravets SJS L
244 Eric Meloche QUE R
245 Chris O'Rourke TOR D
246 Marty Schriner NYI C
247 Sergei Sorokin WIN D
248 John Porco PHI C
249 Xavier Majic VAN C
250 Jukka Suomalainen MNS D
251 Rob Peters HFD D
252 Andrew Miller DET R
253 Jason Hehr NJD D
254 Juha Riihijarvi EDM R
255 Michael Smith BUF D
256 Bill Kovacs WSH L
257 Brian Wiseman NYR C
258 Pasi Huura PIT D
259 Dale Hooper MTL D
260 Torsten Kieness BOS D
261 Andrei Trefilov CGY G
262 Michael Gaul LAK D
263 Mike Veisor STL G
264 Scott Dean CHI D