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232 Alan Macisaac BUF C
233 Neil Eisenhut VAN C
234 Matthew Evo VAN L
235 David Shields MNS C
236 Ake Lilljebjorn PIT G
237 Mikael Lindholm LAK C
238 Alexander Weinrich TOR D
239 Michael Lappin CHI C
240 Daniel Brettschneider WSH R
241 Jesper Duus EDM D
242 Tomas Jansson DET D
243 Raymond Savard STL C
244 William Averill NYI D
245 Sean Gorman BOS D
246 Ryan Kummu WSH D
247 Hans Goran Elo WIN G
248 Bryan Herring MTL C
249 Steve Laurin HFD G
250 Magnus Svensson CGY D
251 Dale Roehl PHI G
252 Igor Viazmikin EDM R