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232 Mitch Murphy TOR G
233 Gregory Choules PIT L
234 David Williams NJD D
235 Darren Taylor VAN L
236 Bruce Hill HFD L
237 Tommy Sjodin MNS D
238 Rudy Poeschek NYR D
239 Mikael Lindman DET D
240 Marian Horvath LAK L
241 Mark West BOS C
242 Rick Braccia CHI L
243 Dave Jecha STL D
244 Tony Grenier NYI C
245 Kenneth Baumgartner BUF L
246 Jean Bois QUE L
247 John Ferguson MTL L
248 Bill Gregoire CGY D
249 Anssi Melametsa WIN C
250 Frank Dimuzio WSH C
251 John Haley EDM G
252 Paul Maurice PHI D