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230 Mark Ziliotto PIT L
231 Chris Kiene NJD D
232 Brian Martin LAK C
233 Peter Slanina TOR D
234 Peter Abric HFD G
235 Dan Williams CHI D
236 Tom Nickolau DET D
237 Mark Lanigan STL D
238 Jim Edmonds WIN G
239 Ed Kister VAN D
240 Troy Crosby MTL G
241 Rudolf Suchanek CGY D
242 Mike Nightengale MNS D
243 Scott Brower NYR G
244 Peter Loob QUE D
245 Jurai Bakos PHI D
246 Per Schedrin WSH D
247 Sean Baker BUF L
248 Jim Newhouse BOS L
249 Alistair Brown NYI D
250 Darren Gani EDM D