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223 Dave Goertz PIT D
224 Darcy Kaminski HFD D
225 Alexei Kasatonov NJD D
226 Charles Chiatto DET C
227 Chad Johnson LAK C
228 Ron Choules TOR L
229 Jamie Husgen WIN D
230 Jay Mazur VAN R
231 Sergei Makarov CGY R
232 Bo Berglund QUE L
233 Ulf Nilsson NYR G
234 Marc Hamelin BUF G
235 Kermit Salfi BUF L
236 Paul Roff MNS R
237 Peter McGeough NYI L
238 Jean-Guy Bergeron MTL D
239 Jindrich Kokrment QUE C
240 Steve Woodburn EDM D
241 Harold Duvall PHI L
242 Greg Murphy BOS D