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261 Pavel Komarov NYR D
262 Jamie Matthews SJS C
263 Mark Szoke TBL L
264 David Penney ANA L
265 Eric Montreuil FLA C
266 Igor Chibirev HFD C
267 Ilya Byakin EDM D
268 Maxim Smelnitski NYR C
269 Cory Peterson DAL D
270 Kenneth Hemenway PHI D
271 Alexander Vasilevskii STL R
272 Scott Nichol BUF C
273 Michael Legg NJD R
274 Carl Charland NYI L
275 Christer Olsson STL D
276 Patrick Howald LAK L
277 Dany Bousquet WSH C
278 Burke Murphy CGY L
279 Mikhail Lapin TOR D
280 Sergei Tkachenko VAN G
281 Russell Guzior MTL C
282 Gordon Hunt DET C
283 John Hillman QUE C
284 Tom Noble CHI G
285 Russell Hewson WIN L
286 Hans Jonsson PIT D