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211 Tim Armstrong TOR C
212 Doug Greschuk PIT D
213 Jamie Mckinley NJD R
214 Igor Larionov VAN C
215 Jerry Pawloski HFD D
216 Ladislav Lubina MNS L
217 Robert Burakowsky NYR R
218 Bo Svanberg DET C
219 Trent Ciprick LAK R
220 John Byce BOS R
221 Ian Pound CHI D
222 Ron Saatzer STL C
223 Mike Volpe NYI G
224 Guy Larose BUF C
225 Gary Murphy QUE D
226 Michael Bishop MTL D
227 Alexander Kozhevnikov CGY C
228 Chris Norton WIN D
229 Steve Hrynewich WSH C
230 Peter Headon EDM L
231 Rod Williams PHI R