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203 Garth Hildebrand PIT L
204 Allan Acton HFD L
205 Allan Stewart NJD L
206 Jeff Frank DET R
207 Jan Blaha LAK R
208 Mike Tomlak TOR C
209 Eric Cormier WIN L
210 Steve Kayser VAN D
211 Jaroslav Benak CGY D
212 Oldrich Valek MNS R
213 Bryan Walker NYR D
214 Uwe Krupp BUF D
215 Alain Raymond WSH G
216 Anders Huss WSH R
217 John Bjorkman NYI C
218 Jeff Perpich MTL D
219 Steve Pepin CHI C
220 John Miner EDM D
221 Brian Jopling PHI G
222 Norman Foster BOS G