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211 Scott Fusco NJD C
212 Mike Stern DET L
213 Tim Loven TOR D
214 Martin Linse HFD C
215 Wayne Prestage WSH C
216 Ray Shero LAK C
217 Mike James CHI D
218 Brian Ahern STL L
219 Richard Erdall CGY C
220 Chris McCauley PIT C
221 Steve Driscoll VAN L
222 Robert Shaw WIN R
223 Andre Martin QUE D
224 Richard Gal PHI C
225 Andy Otto NYR D
226 James Plankers BUF D
227 Scott Knutson MNS C
228 Tommy Lehman BOS C
229 Darren Acheson MTL C
230 Chris Smith EDM G
231 Pat Goff NYI D