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221 Aaron Kriss SJS D
222 Doug Friedman QUE L
223 Jonathan Kelley TOR C
224 Markus Thuresson NYI C
225 Jason Jennings WIN R
226 Neil Little PHI G
227 Jason Fitzsimmons VAN G
228 Shayne Green MNS R
229 Mike Santonelli HFD C
230 Bart Turner DET L
231 Kevin Riehl NJD C
232 Yevgeni Belosheikin EDM G
233 Mikhail Volkov BUF R
234 Rob Puchniak WSH D
235 Vitali Chinakov NYR C
236 Paul Dyck PIT D
237 Paul Lepler MTL D
238 Stephen Lombardi BOS C
239 Marko Jantunen CGY C
240 Andre Bouliane LAK G
241 Kevin Rappana STL D
242 Mike Larkin CHI D