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199 Dale Craigwell SJS C
200 Paul Koch QUE D
201 Gary Miller TOR D
202 Robert Canavan NYI L
203 Igor Ulanov WIN D
204 Josh Bartell PHI D
205 Brad Barton VAN D
206 Tom Nemeth MNS L
207 Jason Currie HFD G
208 Jason Firth DET C
209 Rob Leask WSH D
210 Vegar Barlie EDM R
211 Spencer Meany BUF R
212 Carl Leblanc WSH D
213 Jamie Ram NYR G
214 Chris Tok PIT D
215 Greg MacEachern MTL D
216 Steve Norton BOS D
217 Sergei Zolotov CGY R
218 Mattias Olsson LAK D
219 Chris MacKenzie STL L
220 Alexander Andrijevski CHI R