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183 Alec Haidy PIT R
184 Greg Rolston TOR R
185 Alexander Chernykh NJD L
186 Stu Grimson DET L
187 Thomas Ahlen LAK D
188 Brian Ross TOR D
189 Kory Wright WIN R
190 Roger Grillo VAN D
191 Tom Pratt CGY D
192 Scott Shaunessy QUE R
193 Reine Karlsson HFD C
194 Mark Ferner BUF D
195 Yves Beaudoin WSH D
196 Milos Riha MNS L
197 Dave Shellington NYI L
198 Thomas Rundqvist MTL C
199 Dominik Hasek CHI G
200 Warren Yadlowski EDM C
201 Bill McCormack PHI C
202 Paul Fitzsimmons BOS D