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1 Rob Ramage CLR D
2 Perry Turnbull STL C
3 Michael Foligno DET R
4 Mike Gartner WSH R
5 Richard Vaive VAN R
6 Craig Hartsburg MNS D
7 Keith Brown CHI D
8 Ray Bourque BOS D
9 Laurie Boschman TOR C
10 Thomas McCarthy MNS L
11 Michael Ramsey BUF D
12 Paul Reinhart AFM D
13 Doug Sulliman NYR L
14 Brian Propp PHI L
15 Brad McCrimmon BOS D
16 Jay Wells LAK D
17 Duane Sutter NYI R
18 Ray Allison HFD R
19 James Mann WIN R
20 Michel Goulet QUE L
21 Kevin Lowe EDM D