North American Skater
United States
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
Weight: 174
Born: 11/16/1992
Mid Term Rank: 35
Nationality: American
Club: Ottawa
League: OHL
Ottawa GM Brian Kilrea
"He's got great speed. He distributes the puck to everyone. I think he's utilizing his speed, he's passing the puck, but he's also more confident. That started at camp when he realized he was as good as anybody on the team. He had the chance to prove it, got to the No. 1 line. In junior hockey you're on one line one day and another line the next, but he's stayed there and he's made the difference. With his speed, he was carrying the puck in a lot and making the plays to Martindale and Toffoli and that's why they appreciate him so much. It was a challenge, but there was no doubt he accepted the challenge, I think it was his natural ability that's made the difference in that line"