North American Skater
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Born: 10/04/1989
Mid Term Rank: 11
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Lethbridge
League: WHL

NHL Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire
Strengths: "Zach is a skilled, see the ice type forward. He quarterbacks the power-play and might be the best two-step quickness guy in all of junior hockey. In two steps he is at top speed and he can hit the brakes and delay the play with the best of them as well. Zach is an all-around offensive player who sees the ice well and just a treat to watch."

Outlook: "The question is whether or not his average size is enough to get him through the rough periods and the checking. There are other players in the NHL who have beaten that rap, Patrick Kane and Sam Gagner are two great examples this year, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be a top offensive guy in the NHL."

Lethbridge head coach Mike Dyck
"Zach is a pure athlete, everything that we do whether it’s on or off the ice seems to come very easily to him. He’s got unbelievable athletic ability and because of that he’s a great skater, he handles the puck at a high speed, he really does everything at high speed and that’s what separates him from the average player . . . not too many guys can do what he does on a consistent basis."