North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
Weight: 190
Born: 01/29/1991
Mid Term Rank: 32
Nationality: American
Club: U. of Denver
League: WCHA
On his style of play: I like to be an offensive guy. I like to create offense and be a play maker.

On patterning his game: I try to emulate Joe Thornton. I try to play like him in the sense that we're both play makers first. I just like the way he plays the game and his ability to create offense on a nightly basis.

On getting his start in hockey: It's actually a pretty interesting story. Neither of my parents played hockey. And my mom's from Florida, knew nothing about hockey. My dad never played any. I think when I was three years old I got a jersey from my uncle for Christmas. It just kind of took off. I loved the equipment when I was young, and I started playing and fell in love with it.

On having three hockey-playing brothers:
I definitely think it puts my mom through a lot of stress. But I think having three brothers that play hockey, it's just fun. All my brothers and I have the same interests so it's pretty fun. I have someone to go to the rink to, to play pass with and help get better.

On developing his game: We never had a backyard rink. We actually lived on a cul de sac, and a couple of my neighbors played, too, so it got pretty intense.

On his childhood hockey hero:
Just being from Colorado I've always been a big Joe Sakic fan. When I was younger there, that's when they won the Cup. So watching him raise the Cup, I always tried to emulate that. I thought that was pretty cool.

On the biggest influences in his career:
I think I'd have to say my parents, for sure. I've had a lot of good coaches and a lot of good people supporting me. But my parents have been through it all right from the start until now. So I think they've been my biggest influences.