European Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
Weight: 189
Born: 10/08/1990
Mid Term Rank: 4
Nationality: Swedish
Club: Skelleftea
League: SWEDEN
On his style of play: I try to play an offensive game and that’s my strength, my skills and I’m not that good defensively, but I try to be better and better. My biggest thing is my offense and my stick skills.

On patterning his game: Mike Green of the Washington Capitals is very good. He’s very offensive and is a good skater. He likes to go on offense and he has a great shot.

On getting his start in hockey: Probably from my father, he played hockey when he was young and all of my family were interested in sports. My big brothers played hockey, so maybe that’s why I began. Then it just went on, I played ice hockey every day when I was young. I played on a team too, we practiced like three times a week, it was a lot on the outdoor ice and I liked that.

On the influence of his coach, Pierre Holmgren: He’s a trainer in Lycksele where I was born and the year before I moved to Skelleftea he practiced with our team. We learned many things. I got better in the defensive zone and he is just a great person; he is very interested in hockey.

On representing Sweden at the 2009 World Juniors: It means so much. This is the biggest thing you can play as a junior, especially now when it is in Canada. It’s huge.

On where he was when Sweden won gold at the 2006 Olympics: The Olympics in 2006 when they won, we were sitting in the locker room before a game on a small TV and we watched it before we went out on the ice. It was great.

On his favorite Swedish NHL player: There are so many. I like Peter Forsberg, he’s a great player and is so skilled. Nicklas Lidstrom too. They are great players.