North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
Weight: 185
Born: 01/14/1991
Mid Term Rank: 9
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Guelph
League: OHL
On his style of play: I'm a two-way guy. I can be good offensively, but also responsible defensively as well. I like to be the guy counted on in the last two minutes when we need to hold the lead. I can put the puck in the net as well as set up places to get the puck in the net.

On patterning his game: I've heard some comparisons towards Mike Modano. He's a great player; that's definitely someone I would like to take after. But for me, I like to model my game after guys like Joe Sakic, Rick Nash, Joe Thornton, who are great hockey players in themselves.

On getting his start in hockey: My dad put me on skates just about as soon as I could walk. It's always been with me. No one in my family's really ever taken after hockey except for me. Ever since I had the backyard rink when I was little, it's been with me all along and I've just loved it.

On developing his passion for the game on the pond: I've lived (in Caledon) ever since I was four years old. I had a big pond in the backyard. It wasn't just one of those little ones. My dad would take the time to flood it for me and countless hours were spent out there, nights till two or three in the morning playing pond hockey with the floodlights.

On his most memorable hockey moment so far: Definitely the Under-17 (World Hockey Challenge) was a big thing for me. That was quite a thrill, winning that. Other than that, in minor hockey, winning the Québec peewee tournament that was incredible playing in front of 11,000 fans at only 13 years old. That's an experience I'll never forget.

On the big influences in his career: Two automatically come to mind. My dad. He’s always been there ever since I was little, taking me to the rink early in the morning, even when the car would stall because it was so cold outside. He was always there to tie my skates for me when I couldn't do it myself and has been a big inspiration to me. As well, I've been working with a skill coach, Joey Simon of Powerhouse Hockey for a long time now. Must be eight or nine years now. I think he's really helped develop my overall skill. I have a lot of thanks to give to him.

On improving his skating stride: That's a big thanks to Barb Underhill, our power skating coach in Guelph. She really took my stride last year. She thought I was a good skater at first when she first saw me, but then she broke it down on video and she kind of had a few questions about it. She really helped develop my stride and broke it down to the angle my knee was at and the angle my ankle was at to the ice. Just really broke it down and put it back together piece by piece. It's really helped me so far.

On cooking meals for roommate and fellow Draft prospect Mike Latta: We had an interview after a Kitchener game; I guess Mike Latta, my roommate in Guelph, got asked what was good about living with me. He said, “he cooks all the meals”. I've kind of taken over that spectrum of living with him. I don't really trust him around the kitchen. So I tend to take that over, just cook pregame (meals) for us.

On what he cooks for pre-game meal: I like spaghetti and meatballs for pregame. But if it's not that, I like the KD, too, the Kraft dinner. That's always a good thing, too.

On the celebrity he would want to be for a day: If I could be any celebrity for a day, I would probably be Tiger Woods. He's quite a role model for everybody, young golfers. I mean, I'm a hockey player, but I think he's definitely my favorite athlete. Just being him for a day would be pretty neat.

On his favorite piece of sports memorabilia: My favorite piece of sports memorabilia is probably my miniature Zamboni collection of all the NHL teams. I think it was 1996 when I started collecting them. My first one was the Washington Capitals. Ever since then it's grown. I'm still collecting them today. I think I only have one or two left to get. I'm not sure who they are right now. But I have them in a big display case in my room at home.

On his childhood hockey hero: My childhood hero probably would be Mats Sundin. I was always a huge Leaf fan growing up.

On the all-time best gift he’s received: That's a tough one to answer. The all-time best gift I've ever received is probably a Club Link membership for golfing in the summer. A couple years ago I used to be a lot more into the golf than I am now, because I don't have as much time on my hands in the summer with all the training and skating and stuff I'm doing now. But the Club Link was definitely great, gave me the chance to play a lot of different courses, a lot of nice courses, too.

On who would play him in a movie about his life: The person that would probably play me in a movie about myself - Robin Williams. He's a great actor. He can get on the humorous side as well as the serious side. I think he could portray me pretty well.

On the one thing he couldn’t life without: I probably could not live without my cell phone. I stay connected with my friends that way. Fortunately I have the Internet on mine, too. It's pretty easy.