North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
Weight: 220
Born: 01/25/1991
Mid Term Rank: 7
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Spokane
League: WHL
On his style of play: Hopefully people will see I do everything well. I practice a lot in the summer and during the season. I think my biggest asset could be skating. For a bigger guy I think I skate pretty smoothly. I have certain spots I have to work on more often, like my hands and stuff like shooting. That's something I key on during practice.

I maybe play more defensively; I think people see me in a shutdown role. But I’m working on becoming more of, not an offensive defenseman, but working on maybe getting in the play more, getting more shots on the net.

On patterning his game: A lot of people say Jay Bouwmeester just because I think we play similar. I don't really see him that often, but when he's on the TV, I kind of watch him to see what he does.

On getting his start in hockey: I was four years old. There was public skating going on. Some of my older friends were just ripping around out there with some sticks and pucks, and I thought that was something I definitely wanted to do. I was the only one not playing hockey at the time.

On growing his passion for the game: We have an arena (in Allan, Saskatchewan), but it's not outdoors. It's always open and there are not a lot of things going on there. We always had the ice to ourselves. Pretty much go out there wherever you want.

On the biggest influences on his career: I think like any hockey player, it's got to be their mom and their dad. They've been there their entire career, their entire lives. They know exactly what you've been through. They know you more personally than anyone else I think so they can give you more advice than other people could.

On his childhood hockey idol: I jumped around from a couple players at the time. But when I was younger, I don't know why, but I liked Dominik Hasek. It was just weird, but I guess Buffalo used to be good; they almost won the Cup that one year. I don't know why I liked him so much.

On playing against Brayden Schenn growing up in Saskatchewan: When we were younger, we were rivals. We played summer hockey against each other and he was on a different team than I was at the beginning. We were eventually on the same team in the summer playing together, but I've known him for quite a few years now. It's nice to see him improving as much as I am now.

On playing for Canada at the Under-18 level:
That was a lot of fun actually, going over to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. That was the first time actually representing the entire country for anything. We were at Under-17s, but it wasn't quite the same. It was a good first experience to be national champions. It was a lot of fun.

On winning the Memorial Cup in 2008: People don't realize that it's more than just a hockey tournament. It's a big deal. There is a lot of opportunity there for each individual player. If you win, that's great, but while you're there, you get a lot of exposure. So it's great for everybody. Obviously winning it, that was a lot of fun. Probably the best thing I've ever been through with a team. It was a very memorable weekend.

On the moment that sticks out from his Memorial Cup win: Well, besides breaking (the trophy), that's probably the most memorable thing everybody thinks of when they think of last year. I think scoring the last goal that was a big deal. There are so many great parts to that entire win -- you can take your pick.

On what he does away from the ice: Probably just hanging out with my roommate at my billet's house. We have the XBOX 360, the Play Station and a Wii there. We hang out quite a bit in the summertime there. When it's hot enough, we have a pool in the back. That's usually where we are when we're not in the rink.