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North American Skater
United States
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
Weight: 206
Born: 06/27/1990
Mid Term Rank: 20
Nationality: American
Club: Plymouth
League: OHL

On his style of play:  I like to bring a physical presence to a game.  I can play either physical or finesse.  I like to be responsible in all three zones, and I like to contribute on the scoreboard.


On patterning his game after Edmonton’s Ethan Moreau:  He's a great two-way player.  He plays hard and he's a good leader for his teammates.


On getting his start in hockey:  I didn't get started until I was about 10.  It's just something I always wanted to do.  I grew up in Detroit and the Red Wings were always a really good team when I was growing up.  I always liked the game and wanted to give it a try.  So I started around 10 and just picked it up from there.


On starting hockey at a little later than most:  I never really thought of it as catching up to anybody.  I never knew much about the game as far as developing.  I just kept getting better and moving up levels.  Eventually I found out I could hopefully make something out of it.


On his favorite Detroit Stanley Cup moment:  It was a goal that Darren McCarty scored in the '97 Finals against Philadelphia because everybody knows he's not a big goal scorer, he's more of an enforcer, tough guy, agitator.  And he just scored a big goal in the final game of the series and kind of clinched the win for them.  It was a pretty goal, too, so it was memorable. 


On choosing the OHL over U.S. College:  It's been great.  I have absolutely no regrets coming this route.  Last year we won the OHL title and participated at the Memorial Cup.  We came up short there, but still, I learned a ton and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.


On playing in the Memorial Cup last season:  Last year I was a younger guy and I didn't get to play a whole lot.  It was my first year in the league so I kind of watched and learned what I could from the veterans and see how they handled themselves and what they could do in certain situations to help make themselves better players.


On his superstitions:  I wouldn't say it's unique, but I always put my equipment on in the same order, but I'm guessing most guys probably do that.  If not, maybe I'm weird.  I always tape my stick the same way, other than that, nothing, really.


On playing on the U-18 U.S. team:  It was definitely something that I've always dreamed of.  It was just a great feeling of pride putting on the jersey and representing your country.  It was such an amazing feeling for me.  I was really proud to be part of that.


On his thoughts about the Draft:  I really try not to think about the draft at all.  I want to get better every game that I play and try to pick up something new and maybe add new elements to my game.


On his favorite player: My favorite player would be Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg because he's really fast and dynamic and he's underrated in the League, so I respect him for that. 


On the one movie he would choose to be in:  If I could be in one movie I would be in "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg.


On his most embarrassing hockey moment:  My most embarrassing hockey moment was last year at the Memorial Cup when I didn't get many shifts.  One of the chances I did get, I went out and fell over the boards.


On his favorite pump-up song:  I don't really have a favorite, just techno is good for getting pumped up.